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Leather Sofa & SetTwitter Leather Sofa & SetUnion Leather Power Reclining Sofa & SetUrban Leather Sofa & SetVail Leather Sofa & SetVenice Leather Sofa & SetVerona Leather Sofa & SetWaldorf Leather Sofa & SetWashington Leather Sofa & SetWeston Leather Sofa & SetWidget Leather Sofa & SetWindsock Leather Sofa & SetZeus Leather Sofa & Set



What a wonderful Christmas present we received  this afternoon! Our Tuscany collection came! We were absolutely shocked  when the phone rang at 7:30 this morning to have the truck driver say that he was delivering our furniture today. It is even more beautiful than what we saw online! We are very happy with the quality, color,size and craftsmanship of the pieces. And it smells so good!We thank you for all you have done and will definitely recommend you to anyone shopping for furniture.( In fact I've already passed on your info to a cousin.) Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and New Year filled with many blessings from God!   D. Woelkers PA 
Our furniture was delivered yesterday, and it is absolutely exquisite, just beautiful, and the aroma...!    The furniture is well-made with attention to detail, and it looks exactly like the online photo from which we made our decision.  We could not be more pleased with the entire transaction, including professional customer service (the few times we called, we were quickly connected with someone knowledgeable, no computerized loops or being sent to voicemail boxes).   LFE earns its outstanding reputation.  Thank you! P. Carey DC 
 I wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the furniture.  It is beautiful and of very good quality.  Thank you so much. S. McCallister NV 
These sofas are spectacular! Thanks. T. HallTN 
My Tuscany antique brown sofa group arrived Sunday morning.  I was somewhat worried that I was not able to touch and sit on something before I purchased it, but based on your testimonials, I decided to take a chance.  I was really amazed at the quality and beauty of the leather.  I just built a log home and have been to many home-shows and furniture showrooms up and down the east coast looking for a sofa group that would do my home proud.  For the high quality leather and workmanship, I usually find just one sofa priced in the 6K-7K range.  I purchased 2 sofas, a chair and an ottoman, for half that price from LFE.  I have to say that the leather and the workmanship of these pieces are second to none, right down to the feet of the sofa which are larger and more robust than many I have seen.  The group is absolutely stunning!  Everything was packed well!  I could not be more pleased and have already had so many people shocked at what I DID NOT pay for these!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I have to admit I am a little afraid to recommend you to my friends, because I don't want them getting the same sofas as me, but I will anyway with the caveat that they have to get a different style!  :-) M. Gilley VA 

Tom Van Dieren here from Peoria, AZ.  Well, we finally were able to receive the Andulus Couch, and Love Seat.  It was exactly as described.  My wife and I truly love the comfort, and quality of the two pieces.  If you need a referral for customers, I have no problem in recommending you, and Leather Furniture Expo!!  Please give them my email address.  I have no problem with that.  As soon as we are finished with our room, I'll send you pictures of the furniture that goes wonderfully with our new Maple flooring.  We're waiting on our wood window treatments.  Should be a few weeks from now

I remember reading one of your customers saying,  "If I didn't sell cars for a living, I'd be selling Leather Furniture Expo!"  Being in sales for over thirty years myself, I can say the same thing.  Thanks to all your customers on Ebay, that I contacted in order to prove to me, that your product is truly high quality....  They were ALL correct. 

1.  The most important:  EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  David, Great job, excellent communication!!  Great and quick responses to all my queries.

2.  Excellent product.  Selling a couch over the internet has to be a (PITA) Pain in the A_ _.  Referrals, word of mouth!!

3.  Honesty.  PERIOD.

Thank you for everything, David.  It's been a pleasure working with you.

 Tom & Meg Van Dieren AZ
Thank you for your prompt attention in sending replacement cushions. You and your company are a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend Leather Furniture Expo and their excellent customer service group.L. Deconinck  
We received our furniture and we are very pleased at the quality, beauty, and the great smell of new leather. The delivery went great. One guy busted his buns and we gave him a good tip.

Thanks again and I have spread the word already about your company.

 M. ClawsonCA 
Hi David, Leather Solutions came out yesterday and fixed the problem. Can't even tell where the damage was. Thanks for taking care of this problem and making the whole experience painless. I will be recommending LFE to friends and family.Chris MNYn

We just wanted to email you to let you know that we are more than happy with the couch and cigar chair that we purchased from you.

We have had two get together's with friends and co-workers since receiving the set and we have had nothing but compliments. We always' get the question "did you buy these in Winter Park?" and we say no, we bought them from Leather Furniture Expo. We have probably given your name out to five people who have seen the set and absolutely love it.

The quality is superb, since receiving the set we have wander into Restoration Hardware, you know, just to compare and their is no comparison. Our couch is deeper than Restoration Hardware's Maxwell Couch, the cushions are plusher, the leather is far more subtle and it comes with four leather pillows, a $300.00 additional option from Restoration Hardware. Guys, we could not be any happier. Thank you for bringing fine leather furniture within the reach of the working family.

B & D KittFL 
My order came on Wednesday and it was exactly what I hoped it would be! It only took two and a half weeks to get to my home, with no damage. I just love the Porelli collection and it looks great in my home. So happy I found your web site!Sharon V.B.IN 
The order arrived Tuesday a.m., was opened and inspected and no damage was reported. I can't believe how swiftly it arrived, exactly two weeks from the time the order was placed. Tell your website critic that.D. LoucheimPA 

Thank you very much for your follow up on replacing our furniture (order #7346).  The replacement chair, ottoman, love seat and sofa were all in excellent condition and the shipping company was professional with their delivery.  I was informed several days in advance of their intended delivery time and they were on time.  The deliverymen were respectful and wasted no time unloading and reloading.

  The replacement furniture was worth the wait.  We are pleased with the way this transaction was handled and will recommend Leather Furniture Expo in the future.

B. BalieyOK 
A bit apprehensive about ordering furniture on line but I took the chance anyway.  I am so glad I did.  Lightening fast delivery.  The men who delivered the furniture were absolutely wonderful.  Very pleased with the furniture. Will definitely recommend your company to all my friends.  A+++++E. MirabalNY 

I was apprehensive to order something like furniture online without seeing it in person but decided to take a chance after much research. I'm so glad I took that chance. I ordered the Vallero collection. It is absolutely beautiful. We love it so much. The color was a little different than it showed on the computer so I would suggest ordering the sample just to be sure, but we are so thrilled with our purchase. Thank you and we will certainly recommend LFE to our friends and family.


We received our Belagio set April 1st and it is beautiful, comfortable and beyond our expectations. The white glove service Right Way Delivery did a great job and were quite courteous and professional. Delivery in one week was unbelievable. Thanks for a great experience will certainly buy again and recommend your company to all my friends.

K. AllenNJ 

I received my sofa and it's perfect! I love it!

Thanks for the great workmanship and quality. not to mention the price with no shipping charge!

I will recommend LFE to my friends..

Sincerely, B. White



I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the handling of the order that we received at our home on Tuesday Feb. 26th. We had ordered the Sienna II group and it came through in fine condition and was well handled by the White Glove Delivery provided by Hansen here in Bakersfield. The color of the leather is quite a bit darker than the photo on your web site. However we like it very much and frankly are glad that it was slightly darker than we had expected. Thank you again for keeping us informed, and in keeping your delivery promise. Great customer service is rare in our world today. However you get the Five Star rating from my wife and I. We have already recommended you to 3 different friends.

G and W WhitehurstCA 

We are in receipt of the furniture here in Easton, Pa. The furniture is well beyond our wife and I love the set. I was a little leery about buying on the internet without seeing the merchandise in person, and having only a picture and your assurance of the quality of the furniture. I can tell you that this furniture is absolutely Fantastic!

A. CalandraPA 

Our couch arrived safely and we love it. Fed Ex is top of the line - our guy helped my husband bring it in and took the packaging away too. No problems at all!
We have a 200+ year old historic stone house and we it looks perfect in our library.
I look forward to doing business with you in the future -

M. McGuireNY 

I guess the only way to sum up how I feel about Leather Furniture Expo is WOW...I will definitely do business with them and recommend them to anyone I know in the market to buy leather furniture.. OH and I forgot to say that I ordered the 4 piece set with the sofa being a sleeper sofa and it is the MOST comfortable sofa to sit or lounge around on. Which is very unusualy for a sleeper sofa..So you can only imagine how comfortable the rest is..And the quality is exceptional.. Absolutely no complaints and no problems!

THANK YOU Leather Furniture Expo



I was very skeptical to buy furniture online but these reviews helped me to decide to go ahead and give LFE a try. My Capri set in brown is gorgeous. classy but not stuffy. Comfortable enough (the chair is the most comfy we fight over who will sit in it). I looked online and at all the furniture stores and I am glad I went with LFE it was hands down the best price and best quality I could find. If you saw this set sitting on the store floor you would buy it, especially at its price. Also LFE is not hard sell, and customer service is top notch. the sofas are getting softer by the day. My only complaint is the color of the brown Capri is lighter than pictured or what my computer monitor showed. it is brown with tones of dark brown and medium brown. it is still stunning and I was told it will darken with time and wear. thanks for everything guys. Thanks for taking my late night west coast time calls:)




I just wanted you to know that the Sofa and Ottoman I received was above and beyond my expectations! I work in Quality Control for over 20yrs. In the Aerospace division and I wouldn’t have any problem passing your Quality as being Flight worthy Bar None. Not one thing to complain about. The service and communication was also Outstanding. I want to thank you and your team and say Job Well Done! I rate Leather Furniture Expo 5 STAR Rating! I’m looking forward to do more business with Leather Furniture Expo and recommending you to all my family and friends.

Thanks Again, Outstanding!

T. Hormell






This is three cheers for LFE!!!! This furniture (Capri set) far exceeded our expectations. It is soooo beautiful, and comfortable. Thank-you!!!


Thank you, David. I appreciate your help. LFE is a good company!! I've always said a company -- whether buying furniture or a car -- is only as good as its service department. Thank you.

T. ZientarskiIL 

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful furniture !! You were accurate in your description - beautiful to look at and VERY comfortable to sit on !!! We did have it for Christmas so everyone was able to enjoy it!

J & S KellermanCO 

The furniture arrived on time, the freight company called ahead, and was everything I expected. It was so well packed that it took us a lot of work to unpack it so it was really protected. It makes my library absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much for selling me such a great product, meeting the needed delivery schedule and insuring that the furniture arrived in perfect condition and not a single problem.

J. RadkeIL 

I would like to thank all of you at Leather Furniture Expo for such a smooth process which has us enjoying our new leather furniture right now. The ordering was easy. I liked having a person to talk with who could answer my questions and who was upfront about possible delays. As it happened there were no delays and the furniture arrived, in perfect condition, the week before Thanksgiving. The delivery went exactly as scheduled and was handled wonderfully. From beginning to end, the process did not rattle a single nerve. So thank you for all your help. It has made for a delightful holiday season.

S. Burran





Thank you again for your professionalism and for the military discount...I usually do not throw that around in asking everyone for such as discount, but I would have to say thanks for supporting the military and it's means more to me, and speaking for many, then just a discount.

Troy G.  

What a deal, 1/2 the price of anything local and better quality. Shipping was super fast and very well packaged. Would highly reccomend to anyone looking for great furniture at a great price. Thanks again, Kim


I purchased the Molise Sectional. I love it! It's great quality and it was a great price. However, I would like some information on how to care for it. What products can I use on the leather and microsuede?

Ashley PNY 

Just had to say thank you so much for your quicker than expected delivery of our Riana sofa and recliners. They are absolutely beautiful and extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to purchase leather furniture.

Michelle & Anthony Ingham



My first large internet purchase was a very positive experience. The king size master bedroom suite was delivered earlier than expected, no damage or flaws & was nearly $700 cheaper than the local furniture store. We thought we were missing the parts to install the mirror to the dresser, but after calling the very helpful, friendly customer service line; they informed us that the supplies we needed were mounted to the bottom of the dresser. They even called me back to make sure we found them. Would definitely purchase from this company again.

Abbey IMO 

Sofa arrived. Looks great. Am very pleased.

Getting it in the door was a different story, however. Only one man on the truck, and me. Definitely need a couple of strong people to move this sofa but that's not a; well built!

Thanks for a great product.


Carla R



Great Furniture, Great price! This one is for real!


I just got my furniture. OH MY GOD ! So beautiful. So wonderful. Also the delivery guys were great!! Thank you for a wonderful product and equally great service.

Diane HarrisIL 

We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the Capri collection that showed up. We absolutely love the Cognac Capri collection, thanks again for your help in getting this product shipped to us and eliminating any problems.

Thanks again,

Julie & Dan Akers

This was better than I expected...........
Yeah....I just gotta tell you this was the best internet buying experience I have ever encountered. I was really skeptical regarding the quality of the Montego furniture I ordered (and if you remember....(I had many questions). After the delivery..... I was extremely impressed with the quality of the furniture and shipping experience. I absolutely would advise folks looking for leather furniture to talk to you guys. I only have great things to say about you folks. I cant believe you can offer this furniture at this price....and I'm from High Point NC.....(that means something in the furniture business)!!!!



Todd Prague

Until you interact with Leather Furniture Expo, you may think the testimonials are overdone. After searching locally and on the internet, we found LFE to be the best option. Lou and Tom of LFE answered all our questions immediately and professionaly. They never tried to sell us furniture, only to help us after we made a selection. We were really impressed with Leather Furniture Expo, but when the set arrived, we are even more impressed; the furniture is beautiful, of excellent quality, and well worth the price. After working with Lou and Tom, we had high expections, the furniture was the icing on the cake. LFE is really an excellent company. We only had one problem and they handled it like professionals.

C StimmelKY 

LOved the furniture! A+

Sally HCA 

Just wanted to let you know, the furniture arrived yesterday.
It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The tables will be here today.....
Thank you very much for all of your help and assistance,

Terry BTX 

I just want to thank you and the company you work for. The living room set arrived this past Friday and it was everything that I hoped for. They look great. Thank you for making this a wonderful online shopping experience for such a large ticket item.

P KimMT 

This is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. They have great products and excellent customer service! I would definitely recommend doing business with them!

S DaltonCO 
Excellent Product- Will buy again!- Very Helpful!Jennifer MCA 

Excellent Product- Will buy again!- Very Helpful!

David HAL 

Thank you i love it!!

S KullGA 

Beautiful furniture, exactly as described. Excellent service.

b GalbraithVT 

Thank you so much great service!!!!

Monica D


We just received our furniture. It is even more beautful and comfortable than we expected. The delivery was excellent and we are really pleased with our purchase. We have highly recommended you to all of our friends. They cannot believe it was an internet purchase and that you delivered exactly what I bought and you promised. Thank you.

V. LopezCA 

Very pleased I love the sofa set high quality worth every penny! fast ship A+++

Dixie BWA 

100% satisfied with the furniture-it is just beautiful!! thank you

Alana CNV 

Charleston set is perfect! Worth the wait, great stuff :)

Chris RTX 

Patience is the answer to anticipation. My furniture is awesome much more than I expected or anticipated . Thanks for all of your assistance . The only problem we had you handled better than expected. The Solice set is next on my agenda !

Rev. Timothy T. Reynolds

great customer service-comfortable furniture-positive outcome

Mike WIL 

Very nice furniture! Nice people to work with, too! Thanks!

Linda MNY 

Furniture is georgeous! Arrived on time ...A+


Great furniture A+


Good customer service and great product. Thank you!


Very good job. Great furniture. Thanks

Jim HOK 

Nice furniture. Thank you.

Allen KNC 

Nice furniture, would buy again

Diane LME 

great sectional--it's hard getting up from this sofa


good customer service. Thanks!


Great communication - Great product

C HofferPA 

Received my furniture today. Love my set!!! Thank you guys!!

Jose C.NY 

Nice design around sofa, well made,We are very pleased. Awesome leather sofa! A+

Leonard C.PA 

great furniture great people to do business first class great communication

Steve G.TX 

Better than could have ever imagined!!!


Great furniture, wonderful quality, Thanks, A++

Drucilla M.NC 

Delivery was right in time and the set is really beautiful!


Lou, Thanks so very much. Everyone!! ITS GREAT! Chris Kilmore. way, way,nice...


All I can say is WOW! Do yourself a favor, and order some furniture from them!


beautifull set ,just as we hoped and more.thx

Steve LCA 

Furniture absolutely fabulous -

Robert BOH 

Great merchandise shipped on date I requested will order again and again


Save $! Best deal around + great customer service. Thanks!!


Andalo set is very nice.

Clyde CGA 

Even better than expected. Better than any furniture store

Debbie MCA 

Extremely pleased with leather sectional Very soft and comfortable AAAAA++++++++


Excellent transaction! Wonderful set - just as described. Great Customer Service

Lisa WGA 

I believe... they wrapped the legs with italian newspaper WOW


OH MY GOSH!! Beautiful, comfortable, quality. Service excellent. Thanks.


very happy with the furniture

Joe AMI 

Furniture is wonderful, great communicator all around marvelous company


Great Quality, great communication and customer service. Very Well done


Great people easy to deal with



Jennie KOR 

great condition, prompt shipping and communication, thank you

Rafael QCA 

Absolutely stunning set!! Shipping takes a while but well worth the wait!!


Grt.quality, price worth waiting for

Gary TIL 

Exactly as described. A good set at a great deal.

Kenton SFL 

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Kevin CTN 

Outstanding furniture. No complaints


Excellent quality furniture and smooth delivery.

Myrenia HCA 

Excellent quality furniture and smooth delivery.

Robert WNH 

Beautiful furniture. Dlvry faster thn expected. Great C/S.

Steve Bpa 

Excellent service! Thanks!

Matt VWA 

Super product, super service would definatly buy from again.....................

J DowlesNC 

as advertised A+

Jon TOR 

Love it! Excellent! Fast delivery. Communication great-Thanks for everything!

Todd RCA 

Thanks so much!!! Excellent Seller A++++ Superfast deliveryA+++++++++++++

Carrie HMS 

BEAUTIFUL FURNATURE!! Some slight shipping problems but GREAT customer service!

Pat LNY 

A+ great product, great service+++

Corrine SNY 

Great furniture and excellent service Thanks!

C HughesUT 

Wonderful furniture!!

Brian AdamsGA 

good seller to work with, furniture well packed, 6 week shipping

BR StrackME 
Good, excellent furniture.


Dominique KCA 

Beautiful furniture, great customer service. Thanks

Sherry STN 

Great communication, Speedy response, Great A+A+A+A+A+


very kind and good people to work with. look forward to receiving furniture

Drew PCA 

A great experience. Product better than advertised and shipping was as promised

Robert WMD 

Great furniture and deliver as promised. Thanks!

David JCT 

can not tell you how much I LOVE my new couch!!!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!!! 100%

Jacquine RMS 

Furniture is beautiful. Well packaged. Very pleased.

Kelly EAZ 

Beautiful Furniture, just as advertised. Packaging was fantastic A++