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5 Year Accident Protection Plan

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$ 299
5 Year Accident Protection Plan

5 Year Accident Protection Plan
Protect your investment from accidental damage! - Only $299



Leather Furniture Expo herein after referred to as "Expo" warrants to the original owner of the furniture listed on their invoice from Expo, herein referred to as "Customer" that if the items purchased with this warranty within five years from the date of delivery, becomes permanently stained or damaged from:

- Stains caused by any food and beverage products.
- Rips, tears, burns or punctures

Expo’s responsibilities will be as follows:

1. First, providing the Customer with a toll-free number for free professional stain removal advice to aid in the immediate cleaning using the supplied care and cleaning products or other methods and/ or products that may be available.  
2. If the stain persists or damage has occurred, Expo may have the item(s) serviced by a professional contractor at no charge or may supply matching dye to the customer for their continued use. Professional service is limited to the covered stained or damaged area only.
3. If the contractor cannot remove the stain or repair the damage, Expo may replace the affected area.  If the affected area(s) cannot be replaced, the customer may select a new replacement piece in equal value to the original purchase price (including any discounts or promotions at time of purchase) of the damaged item(s). Expo cannot be held responsible for dye lot variations nor manufacturers discontinuation.
4. Upon replacement of any item(s) covered by this warranty, there is no longer any obligation for the replaced product under this plan.  This plan does not cover removal or shipping charges for said replacement.
5. Accumulated replacement and repair costs are limited to the original purchase price of the furniture covered by this warranty. All replaced item(s) become the property of Expo. The customer may be given the option of a full refund of the Leather Furniture Expo Care Kit and Warranty, in lieu of cleaning, replacement, or reupholstery, should the owner decide to keep the furniture in present condition.  Once a refund has been issued for this Warranty, that will complete and fulfill all terms and conditions of this warranty and all future claims for this warranty will be void.  All covered items must be listed on original sales invoice.

This warranty exclusions are as listed below:

- This plan is only valid at the original address the order was delivered.
- All of the consequences of damage/stains caused from smoke, fire flooding, damage caused by storms, lightning, earthquakes or other acts of nature or war.
- Incorrect maintenance or use and application of substances, materials or cleaning methods not recommended by Expo or the manufacturer.
- Substances which destroy or change the color or original characteristics of leather.
- Rented furniture or furniture for commercial use, furniture in storage or during transport.
- Vandalism, violent actions of any kind or intentional damage.
- Soiling due to everyday use. Soiling is defined as a gradual buildup of dirt, dust, body oils, perspiration and any other accumulated stain that cannot be attributed to a single occurrence. NO leather protector can prevent general soiling and do not eliminate the need for routine care and maintenance of leathers.
- Stains caused by bodily fluids from humans or pets, any damage by pets, color loss and or fading, or wear and tear from normal everyday use, unidentifiable stains or the accumulation of stains.
- If the damage or stain is notified after 5 days from time of occurrence.
- Mold and Mildew stains not caused by the stain and mold and mildew caused by atmospheric conditions
- Direct damage or stains caused by an unauthorized service.
- Fading of color, breaking or flaking of finish, peeling, seam slippage or separation, stress rips or tears, scars, leather finish defects.
- Stains from pens, markers and lipstick marks are considered preventable occurrences and are not eligible for this accidental coverage.
- Substances which destroy or change the color or original characteristics of the leather such as medication, vitamins, dyes, inks, crayon, paint, acids, corrosives, bleaches, glues, water, candle wax, nail polish and remover, chemicals, and hair treatments such as hairspray gels, etc.
- Furniture not maintained on a bi-annual basis with Leather Furniture Expo Leather Conditioner and Cleaner.
- Any claim covered by Customer’s Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.
- As is and “used” furniture.
- Elimination of smells.
- Stains or damage not listed in covered services.
- Neglect and/or Abuse
-Customer responsible to contact merchant for proper care instructions.  Use of non-approved cleaner/s and conditioner/s voids this protection plan and factory warranty.

1) Call 1-800-737-7702 at the time of damage for instructions on how to care for your furniture.
2) Notify us by email within 5 days of damage to your item(s) at  Please include name, address, telephone number and at least one digital picture of the affected area and a description of what happened.
3) You will receive an email of your warranty claim with 2 business days.  If you do not receive that email, your claim was not received.  If this occurs, please contact us at

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No Worries Shipping Insurance (included free): All items are shipped insured. In the rare event your furniture is damaged during shipment you will not be responsible. Our dedicated team of customer service representatives are available Monday 10 AM - 8 PM , Tuesday - Saturday: 10 AM - 7 PM and Sunday: 12 PM - 6 PM to assist you throughout the entire shipping process.

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5 Year Accident Protection Plan


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